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Thread: Primos Proof 01 cameras at Dicks Sporting Goods

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    I used the two Primos Proof cameras as additional security cameras during my quick trip to Florida and reviewed the footage and pictures last night.
    The cameras were used in conjunction with a proven Bushnell Trophy that I had evidence of working well in almost every situation, cold, warm, sunny, shady and nighttime.
    One of the cameras was set for 15 second videos and the other for pictures in three shot bursts. Both cameras worked perfectly in the warm, then cold and rainy weather of the past week. The video was better than the nighttime pictures, but both were very acceptable for a cheap camera. The video was clear with very little blur of fast moving grey foxes at night and all manner of vehicles , people and other animals during the daytime, dawn and dusk..ect...
    The nighttime pictures showed a bit of blur of fast moving animals and people, but both were easily recognizable and the pictures were far better than Moultrie cameras costing three times as much.
    Both cameras still showed 99% battery after a week out, the video camera had much less use than the picture camera because of the location that I had it watching. There were very few pictures and video with nothing in the view, which is actually better than the Bushnell camera that I had out at the same time.
    So for now at this point, I can recommend them as a cheap camera that seems to be functional above it's price point. We'll see how long they hold up.

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    Thanks for the heads-up Eric. I got one in yesterday and will get out today.

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    Academy Sports has a few deals on their cameras. This time of year a lot of companies put their hunting stuff on sale.
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    FYI, I have bought the better versions of promos cameras. I have yet to have any last more than 2 years. They CS was proactive though. The good Primos did take some NICE pics though!
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