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    Default Fawning habitat

    Joey Belmont recently contacted us through Ask QDMA with this great question: I have 100 acres in Alabama and would like to improve my fawning habitat. What provides the best cover for fawns? Brian Grossman, a wildlife biologist and QDMAs Communications Manager, supplied an answer for Joey in the video shown below. Brian shares how providing early successional habitat in both open and forested areas will not only result in great fawning habitat, but it will provide security and forage for the deer, as well.
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    Great idea that has been preached by small game folks for years. This will also benefit rabbits and any quail that might be hanging on in the area. Turkeys will benefit for improved nesting and brooding habitat. Three main issues: 1.Cutting crop trees costs the landowner money and is not likely an option on leased land unless the landowner has a strong wildlife interest. 2. Planting a food plot or dumping a bag of corn is fairly easy compared to managing early succession habitat. 3. We as humans seem to have an innate need to mow, clear and plant.

    Managing this type of habitat can make more financial sense if it increases production by removing competition around a crop fields or reduced maintenance cost by promoting quicker drying of forest roads.

    BTW: The stand being burned in the video (1:40) is likely too dense to realize much understory benefit. Rx fire is great, but sunlight is the key.

    Wish it would catch on. There is actually cost share available through USDA to clear field edges or install forest openings for wildlife habitat.
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